Killa Hills Summer Fair Kicks Off With 242nd Annual Ugliest Pet Contest

The 2022 Killa Hills Fair kicked off with a bang, featuring eveyone's favorite: the 242nd annual Ugliest Pet Contest. This year’s competition raised nearly 3,000Ξ for Killa Hills Animal Rescue Society. The winner Groucho Barks, and his owner Mariah Anders took home the coveted Ugly Crown.

Ms. Anders was overjoyed to bring home the big win, after finishing outside of the top 20 for the past 32 years. Congratulations to all who participated, and helped in this event to raise ETH for a wonderful cause.

Place Pet Owner
1 Groucho Barks M. Anders
2 Spartacus Creamsicle F. Chang
3 Yeti Spaghetti R. Mendel
4 Mary Puppins H. Bennett
5 Motley Crouton D. Snyder
6 Dunkin Butterbeans T. Bearington
7 Whiskerus Maximus G. Rovelli
13 Mr. Meowgi P. Jackson
9 Peanut Wigglebutt G. Pignatora
10 Otto Von Longdog W. Mondale
11 Starfish M. Brady
12 Shakespeare's Sister P. Jung
13 Mrs. Fuddlesworth F. Fomo
14 Mary Puppins H. Bennett
15 Neil Patrick Hamster F. Mercury
16 Little Booty Ham Sandwich T. Pawson
17 Whoofi Goldberg C. Tucker
18 Squatsie D. Bigsby
19 Olivia Chewton John E. Jacinto
20 Skittles P. Ewing