Plans To Delay Weapons Production - Cites More Research Needed On Killabits Technology

Earlier this week, KillaLabs Research CEO J. Andrew Bearington announced that his lab's Killabits upgrade research was taking longer than expected.

KillaLabs is currently researching an upgrade for the Killabits technology after intelligence systems warned that a new, more powerful attack could be coming for KillaVerse data systems.

The announcement came as a surprise to most citizens, but brought with it an opportunity.

Bearington says in a video that the lab will be seeking volunteers, and offering a 30-night all-inclusive stay at Kilton Hotels of Killa Hills for all Killabears with a Killabit while the study takes place.

Compensation for participants of the study hasn't been announced yet, but some are speculating it could be anything from Killacubs rare trait tokens, OG Killabears, Killabits, Killawear, and even ETH.

Feedback on the announcement of the program has been overwhelmingly positive, and many citizens have already begun packing their bags and getting ready for enrollment to begin.

The study is said to require a 30-day stay, with each Killabear requiring a Killabit to participate.

Bearington was unavailable for a full interview, but said "The Killabits upgrade program is important to the future of the KillaVerse, and we are grateful to be able to reward those who participate".

Enrollment in the program is expected to begin soon, and we will update our readers as more information becomes available.