KillaVerse Declares Victory Over First Wave Of Vorian Nanobots Thanks To Dr Fomo's Killabits Technology - But Where Is Dr Fomo?

KillaVerse officials have declared victory in a major attack on its data systems, thanks to the newly revealed Killabits technology. This new tech comes from the brilliant mind of Dr. Fogerty Fomo, who was contracted by officials to help in the effort to #SaveTheKillaverse.

Citizens celebrated by showing off their Killabits all over social media, but the big question on everyone's mind is - where is Dr. Fomo?

Yesterday prior to the Killabits reveal, it appeared the data transfer signal had been lost. Adding even more questions, it appears Dr Fomo's Twitter account had been deleted, and officials were unable to reach him.

An announcement was made asking for help to gain remote access to Fomo's computer, in order to reboot the signal, and complete the Killabits transfer.

A spokesbear from KillaLabs Research - Fomo's former employer - said "We are grateful for Dr Fomo's contribution to helping save the KillaVerse, and our lab techs are closely analyzing this new Killabits technology, to see how we can help in the event Dr Fomo doesn't re-surface".

Officials have explained that the Killabits were able to integrate seamlessly into the KillaVerse's core data systems, and fight off the first wave of attacks from the Vorian nanobots attempting to take over the system.

In a shocking twist, an anonymous message was sent to the K-High Council which was believed to be from Dr Fomo, which read "Once the Killabits take full form, they should be able to hold off the 1st wave of Nanobots. But if the Vorians send more, the bits will need to be upgraded with more firepower. I will contact you soon to discuss -FF".

We will update you on developments of Fomo's whereabouts as details continue to emerge.