KillaLabs Research Gets Green Light For Production Of New Advanced Weapons Systems

KillaLabs Research has announced that it will soon begin production of its highly-anticipated advanced weapons systems. The announcement comes just two months after the company successfully tested a prototype of its electrolaser rifle against a group of willing alien test subjects.

The electrolaser is capable of firing up to one billion rounds per minute with deadly accuracy at distances approaching several miles. While impressive, the weapon’s developers aren’t satisfied with its current performance. The company plans on continuing research and development to continually improve the weapon’s performance.

“We’re still tweaking the prototype. But we’re confident we’ll reach our goals within the next few weeks,” said company President J. Andrew Bearington. “We want to offer Killas a weapons system that elevates their firepower beyond anything they’ve known before.”

In addition to the electrolaser rifle, KillaLabs is also working on an entire class of high-end weaponry. The technology being used for the systems was designed from the ground up by KillaLabs, and according to some, is the most innovative data technology ever created.