KBBtv Claims This Strange Clip Is A Hoax - Official Investigation Now Pending

A strange new video clip has just surfaced, showing a disturbing message which appears to have been created by KillaVerse officials.

The clip outlines an evacuation plan for all KillaVerse citizens, and is labeled to be shown only in the event of our planet "becoming uninhabitable due to irrecoverable outside enemy threats or attacks".

The KillaVerse is just now recovering from a recent attack on its data systems, where an entirely new technology called Killabits was invented to mitigate severe damages. But recently an internal official memo was leaked, which suggests that another, more powerful attack may be underway.

The leaked memo describes how technology firm KillaLabs Research is attempting to reverse engineer Dr Fomo's Killabits technology, in order to build an upgrade that will help defend against this new threat.

KillaVerse officials denied the leak was genuine, but this new video suggests the threat is very real, and that officials are not optimistic about our ability to stop it. It appears an evacuation plan has already been put in place, in the event any upcoming threat is too much to overcome.

KBBtv management was unable to be reached for comment, but a message on their website claims the clip was nothing more than a hoax (possibly by individuals within the station's own offices).

When the clip aired, the station's HELPLINE was flooded with calls from concerned citizens wanting to know what the video meant. Their website now appears to be under maintenance after the clip went viral, causing a surge in traffic volumes.

Sources tell us an investigation by officials is now pending.