New Genesis Travel Experience Makes Muti-Dimensional Transportation A Reality

It's time to unearth the truth. Uncover the hidden secrets of the universe...courtesy of the all new KillaLabs Genesis Travel Experience. For the first time ever, KillaLabs Research has created an immersive and interactive experience where participants will be transported across time and space.

Inspired by the legendary concept of "Beam me up Scotty", KillaLabs presents a revolutionary new concept in experiential entertainment called "Genesis." This fully immersive and interactive experience transports guests across the Cosmos to explore the wonders beyond.

“Never before has this been available to regular Killas, and we're overjoyed to be the ones making it happen” said company President J. Andrew Bearington. “This will open up access for anyone interested in exploring what's out there, and doing it in style.”

Deposits are now being accepted, and seats can be reserved for as little as 12,469Ξ by logging into the company's online portal, and selecting your package.