Citizens Are Loving What They've Seen So Far...

"It's time to #SaveTheKillaverse" said KillaLabs CEO J. Andrew Bearington in a statement last week "We're overjoyed to have this important study finally go live".

Bearington was referring to his lab's new study, aimed at upgrading the still missing Dr. Fomo's Killabits technology.

Fomo recently released the Killabits tech in an effort to strengthen KillaVerse data systems, after an attack which threatened the takeover of major KillaVerse infrastructure.

The Killabits did their job, and thwarted this attack, but many experts are saying that the recent one, won't be the last.

Shortly after releasing the technology, Dr. Fomo went M.I.A. - and aside from a few cryptic tweets (which have not yet been proven to be sent by him), Fomo remains missing.

In his absence, KillaVerse officials enlisted KillaLabs to try and reverse engineer Fomo's Killabits technology, in an effort to build the upgrade that would all the bits to prevent future attacks.

The study which went live a week ago, involves a 30-day stay at the Kilton hotel in Killa Hills, with each Killabear requiring a Killabit to participate.

Rewards and compensation for participants have been announced, but a full list has not yet been confirmed by officials.

Enrollment is now open, and participants can get started immediately by heading over to the Kilton to check in.