Recent Calisto Cave Ship Crash Believed Due To Faulty Timing System

The recent crash of Odyssey BearPod #204 near Calisto Cave is believed to have been caused by a faulty timing system within the ship's computer. Sources say on the evening of July 14th, the pod was seen departing from KBX Spaceport, but the flight was not on the manifest for that day.

A Potential Level 4 Cyber Attack May Soon Strike The Killaverse

Members of the K-High Council security division are reporting the possibility of a sophisticated cyber attack coming from unkown sources soon, with the first signs of actual attacks potentially coming within the next several days.

New Genesis Travel Experience Makes Muti-Dimensional Transportation A Reality

It's time to unearth the truth. Uncover the hidden secrets of the universe...courtesy of the all new KillaLabs Genesis Travel Experience. For the first time ever, KillaLabs Research has created an immersive and interactive experience where participants will be transported across time and space.